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64642Cellphones and cancer (was: Re: PHP is bad and Cellphones are worse)

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  • Thad Floryan
    Aug 24 4:47 PM
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      Scott wrote:
      On Sun, Aug 24, 2014 at 03:11:55PM -0700, Thad Floryan thad@... wrote:
      >> [...]
      >> You obviously didn't have time to read the other references I cited;

      [## there wasn't enough time to do so between the time I posted the
      article and the time of your reply! :-) ##]

      >> the cellphone:cancer link is clear to me (as a microwave engineer) and
      >> is why, as I wrote, I got Ooma VoIP in April 2014 after following that
      >> company's progress for over 8 years and I now seldom use my cellphone
      >> anymore.
      >> [...]
      > I didn't go through each link. At any rate, I do think, from various and
      > sundry things that I've read, that there is not a large enough sample to
      > prove it.
      > The Mayo clinic
      > http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/adult-health/expert-answers/cell-phones-and-cancer/faq-20057798

      Hi Scott,

      The Mayo is a wonderful operation since 1889:


      but those are only medical doctors and not electrical/electronic
      engineers or physicists [physics] who do know the effects of radio
      waves and a lot more on the human body. I was burning jackrabbits at
      White Sands Missile Range in the early 1960s simply by lowering one
      of the microwave dishes for fun.

      As we've been discussing in the comp.dcom.telecom Usenet newsgroup
      regarding cellphone (and related) radiation since the advent of cell
      phones, we all agree there is a hazard. The group includes some of
      the top technical people in the communication industry noting that
      cellphone lobbyists cannot post to the group.

      I can cite far greater info supporting the cell phone hazard than the
      cellphone industry lobbyists can provide saying cellphones are safe.

      The problem is the cellphone manufacturers have more money to spend
      promoting their agenda than do the folks doing real honest research
      showing the actual and documented hazards.

      The US military has microwave weapons operating at 95 Ghz which is
      higher than cellphones. Home microwave ovens operate in the same
      frequency ranges as cellphones; think what happens when a pet is
      placed in a microwave oven -- it's been done and the results are
      very gruesome.

      Here's the US military's "Pain Ray" which is also used by the Los
      Angeles Sheriff's Department:


      Anyone who thinks RF energy directed at humans, either unknowingly
      (i.e., cellphone) or aggressively is safe is deluding themselves.

      Even the sign on the transceiver of the relatively low power of my
      Sprint broadband microwave link advises folks to stay further than
      55 centimeters or 22 inches from the transceiver as you can read
      here by clicking on the 7th thumbnail noting the transceiver is
      always transmitting:


      FWIW, I powered it off because I now have a 58Mbps (~7MB/s) cable
      connection which really showed its value a few days ago when I had
      to update 9 Steam games and the Steam updater was showing a very
      real and constant 6.8MB/S download -- that was F-A-S-T.

      If you don't value life or longevity, keep using cellphones. I
      intend to be around until at least my 100th birthday.

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