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64453Re: Free PDFs "Demystifying the Cloud"

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  • Thad Floryan
    Jun 29, 2014
      Catching up on Usenet today, I just found this in the comp.dcom.telecom
      group regarding Aereo and its defense in the US Supreme Court that was
      just ruled illegal this past Wednesday:

      Aereo had argued that a decision against it could endanger
      a copyright premise essential to the broader cloud-computing
      industry: private versus public performance. The cloud-
      computing industry built itself on the idea that streaming
      services are abiding by copyright law so long as the streamed
      work was originally obtained legally and is delivered at the
      request of an individual to that individual in private.

      Breyer's opinion specified that this decision should not be
      applied beyond the circumstances of Aereo, saying the court
      "cannot now answer more precisely" how provisions of the
      Copyright Act apply to technologies not before the court
      in this case.

      And in his dissenting opinion Justice Antonin Scalia wrote,
      "The court vows that its ruling will not affect cloud-storage
      providers and cable-television systems ... but it cannot
      deliver on that promise." Scalia was joined by Justices
      Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito in concluding that Aereo
      wasn't performing the copyrighted works at all.

      Full details here:


      Wait until cloud "issues" hit the US Supreme Court -- it's
      just a matter of time now given all the nastiness I've seen
      to date regarding the "cloud".

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