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64228Re: [linux] RedHat qualifications

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  • Scott
    Apr 8, 2014
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      On Tue, Apr 08, 2014 at 08:20:37PM +0100, Ed wrote:
      > As the end of the outsourcing contact nears, I'm wondering about $job+1,
      > it's been a while since I graduated so I'm wondering if employers would
      > value my know-how. So I'm thinking I need a buzzword tech refresh.
      > How many people have found RedHat qualifications to be valuable? If so,
      > which did you do? Did you do the course prior to the exam?

      I was going to take the RHCSA during my unemployed time, but wound up
      finding a job in a FreeBSD oriented company first.

      Point one--RH is about to go to RHEL7, which will be pretty different--all
      those things like systemd and so on.

      Although the things one would learn for the test would be useful, in most
      of the jobs that I looked at, most of the things were not all that
      important--KVM? Maybe. SELinux? Probably not. Encrypted disks?
      Probably not.

      The buzzwords I saw while hunting--which was from April 2013 till
      September--were puppet and/or chef, scripting, which you have, VMware and
      clustering. That's judging from a search in the NYC area.

      I think that with your background and abilities though, you'll be way ahead
      of where I was--I'd worked in IT for years, but in relatively simple

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