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63185Re: [linux] Truck Number -- another Linux IT team management performance criterion

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  • C. Beck
    Jun 28 3:03 PM
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      On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 4:55 PM, C. Beck <usabecker@...> wrote:
      > Ha! And what does it say when the Boss is MIA for several weeks on an injury and nobody really notices the difference?

      Bah. I need a Guru to come and remind me to scroll down and bottom
      post. I am, however, blaming this one on the new Gee-mail interface.
      It hides everything that is in duplicate, and puts a blank text-entry
      box under and in-line with what you are replying to. On most monitors
      with LCD, the thin gray lines separating the messages are all but
      invisible. Get distracted for one second and you forget you are at
      the top of a new field rather than the bottom.
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