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61147Re: [linux] Re: CentOS, RedHat, and Linux Distros etc...

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  • Mike Adams
    Sep 2, 2012
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      > >From my notes, the one you would want is this one:
      > <http://www.linux-games.com/penguin-command/>
      > The dependencies are/were the requirement for the SDL libs; the
      > minimum required was (on Ubuntu):
      > libsdl1.2debian
      > libsdl1.2debian-all
      > libsdl1.2-dev
      > libsdl1.2-image1.2
      > libsdl1.2-image1.2-dev
      > libsdl1.2-mixer1.2
      > libsdl1.2-mixer1.2-dev
      > The sound (the SDL libs) and animated graphics are great.
      I'll take a look at it. I've got libsdl-mixer1.2 (at least that's the
      name I've been using) very useful for getting the typewriter sound on
      FocusWriter to work. I'm old-fashioned and like the sound effect when
      I'm typing (wore out a few typewriters back in the days before word
      processors and computers). I turned something in for a journalism class
      once in college and the professor told me to get another typewriter (as
      if a college student could run out and do that in those days).


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