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61146Re: [linux] Re: CentOS, RedHat, and Linux Distros etc...

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  • Mike Adams
    Sep 2, 2012
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      > West Texas. Hmmm, UTEP [UT El Paso]]?
      No...it's UT Permian Basin in Odessa.
      > > They've got it down to 8 DVDs now, though I've got a live version
      > > on a DVD with Fedora, OpenSUSE, Mint, and Ubuntu. It's got four
      > > different boot sequences, and none of them boot up successfully on
      > > my desktop (they do on my laptop).
      > Hmmm, sounds like a SATA CD/DVD drive problem. Not the hardware but
      > the software. Which of the 4 distros (above) is running [presumably]
      > grub to perform the booting?
      > If I had to guess, I'd say Fedora is the one since it has a long
      > history of errors with booting Live distros. CentOS, too, which
      > inherited the problem from Red Hat and I reported the bug in 2008 and
      > it's still not fixed (though a Live CD for CentOS 5 is useless today):
      Of the five, only Ubuntu and Mint will boot up on the old desktop.
      They're all on a DVD that was developed by one of the Linux magazines,
      and they have a booting program that jumps to secondary booting
      programs. I suspect you're right, though. Only Ubuntu, Mint and
      related programs will boot up on this particular system. My laptop
      doesn't have that problem.

      However, right now I've got Mint XFCE running on it, and I'm very happy
      with it, so I'll probably leave it along for a while.
      > > You can go overboard with things like that, of course (witness the
      > > Ultimate Edition distro).
      > I haven't "played" with Ultimate Edition, but I need audio for most
      > the games I play [mostly on my Windows systems and some on Linux].
      Give it a Ultimate Edition a look-see sometime if you want to see what
      happens when you try to dress up a distro too much. It's nice to look
      at until you realize all the bells and whistles have gone over-board and
      that anything you do to change it may break it (and I mean ANYTHING).


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