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  • Scott
    Sep 2, 2012
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      On Sun, Sep 02, 2012 at 07:41:17AM -0400, Scott wrote:

      I want to add some things--my Internet was getting flaky so I closed early.
      > Out of curiosity, what repos did that? Neither OpenOffice nor Google Earth
      > are from any official repos, so I have a feeling you're aiming at the wrong
      > target with the douchebag sobriquet, and are actually targeting one of the
      > volunteer groups, such as Dag, who recently, IIRC, became a dad, or
      > possibly Axel. Also, it certainly should NOT be aimed at the CentOS
      > people--they follow RH, so if RH does it, they will do it. It's plainly
      > stated in many places that they aim to be binary compatible--regardless,
      > neither OpenOffice nor GoogleEarth are official RedHat packages, so they're
      > not supported.

      What I wanted to add was that I DO, in many cases, agree with Thad's
      sobriquet, though his particular one has been overused, in regards to RH.
      They are, in my less than humble opinion, taking many things that are being
      developed in and for a desktop oriented distribution and putting it into
      their server distro. For example, Anaconda--they basically crippled text
      installation. For RH/CentOS/SL and Oracle Linux 6, textmode was only
      usable with kickstart--otherwise, one had to use the GUI to be able to
      customize package selection and partitioning--to add insult to injury, the
      GUI frequently doesn't work on various, common video cards.

      That's only one. My argument is partially with getting on the CentOS people, as
      they are only following their mission statement, and several of their
      folks, with, I might immodestly add, with my assistance, are quick to
      report the bugs that make it from Fedora (where they might not be bugs,
      aimed at the inexperienced), into RH, and also try to document the things
      that RH doesn't feel are worth mentioning, such as moving all named files
      to a new location.

      My other argument is that the two packages in question aren't official.
      There was a lot of stuff going on between Oracle and RH, mainly that where
      they'd worked together, suddenly Ellison decided to make his own Oracle
      Linux, which is pretty much RedHat rebranded and sell it for less. The
      dropping of OpenOffice for LibreOffice was something that was pretty well
      publicized--which doesn't mean I feel Thad should have known it by osmosis,
      but honestly, it was a change that every other comment I've read on the
      CentOS mailing lists and forums, as well as the SL forums was glad to see..
      I include myself--on CentOS, others, as well as myself were unable to get
      Japanese working in OpenOffice, whether from repo, or OO's binaries. (Also
      a problem in Slackware, from what I found when trying to solve it.)

      Anyway, Internet is still cutting in and out today, so will end here.

      Scott Robbins
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