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  • Scott
    Sep 2, 2012
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      On Sun, Sep 02, 2012 at 04:07:39AM -0000, thad_floryan wrote:
      > --- In linux@yahoogroups.com, Mike Adams <coss_michael@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > > Then, later, the Redhat/CentOS douchebags did another untested
      > > > update which clobbered libraries used by both OpenOffice and
      > > > GoogleEarth, and now neither of those two apps function any more.
      > > > System is hosed, and I have NO idea what it'll take to get those
      > > > programs running again other than to wipeout CentOS and install
      > > > anything other than a toy OS such as RHEL or CentOS.
      > > > [...]

      Out of curiosity, what repos did that? Neither OpenOffice nor Google Earth
      are from any official repos, so I have a feeling you're aiming at the wrong
      target with the douchebag sobriquet, and are actually targeting one of the
      volunteer groups, such as Dag, who recently, IIRC, became a dad, or
      possibly Axel. Also, it certainly should NOT be aimed at the CentOS
      people--they follow RH, so if RH does it, they will do it. It's plainly
      stated in many places that they aim to be binary compatible--regardless,
      neither OpenOffice nor GoogleEarth are official RedHat packages, so they're
      not supported.

      > Another distro was revealed to me on DistroWatch after that named
      > SchilliX but that's too new to really consider for my purposes.

      That is probably pretty much a Jorge Schilling one man deal, as far as I
      can tell. (He's the one who wrote the original cdrecord, and will show up
      in many places when people have trouble with wodim to talk about how wrong
      it is that one doesn't use the actual cdrecord. I don't really know the
      whole story on that one.)

      > need stability. The final choice looks like it will be between
      > OpenIndiana and FreeBSD. Here's my screenshot of OpenIndiana:
      > <http://thadlabs.com/PIX/OpenIndiana_Live_DVD_desktop.jpg>
      > I have some more comments about it in this article:
      > <http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/linux/message/61101>
      > Thu Aug 30, 2012 7:52 pm
      > Re: OpenIndiana -- possible total replacement for RHEL and CentOS
      Thad writes:

      > Note CentOS couldn't support the onboard chip audio of the HP dc5850.

      Note RedHat couldn't support the onboard chip audio of the HP dc5850.

      In many cases, a request to elrepo may get you a driver for a specific
      card. By the way, one of the El Repo guys works for NASA, and has begun
      to get annoyed at my, "You don't need to be a rocket
      scientist...oh...wait" jokes. :) I think the rest of them are all

      > > [...]
      > > I looked at Debian a while back... I couldn't figure out how to
      > > install it. It was asking questions I didn't know the answers to,
      > > and I didn't understand enough to even ask the right questions to
      > > get the answers.
      > > [...]
      > Understood. My gripe with Debian for which I could never get an
      > answer was "which of the 60+ CDs or 10+ DVDs does one need to download
      > to install Debian?", so I said to hell with it. True enterprise-class
      > systems (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, etc.) don't require that many disks so
      > that was a clear sign that Debian is as disorganized as RedHat, et al.

      Well, they were Gnu, so their documentation was meant to be confusing. :)
      It was probably there somewhere. On the other hand, in fairness, I never
      had trouble figuring out what I wanted. However, I also only wanted a very
      minimal install, figuring I'd build it up later.

      > That was my expectation with CentOS but it's clear now their promise
      > of support until November 30, 2020 was an empty lie since they could
      > not support it properly between March 2012 and August 2012. CentOS
      > violated every aspect of what an enterprise-class system should be.

      No. I'm sorry. They support official packages. That does not include OO
      and Google Earth.

      I know it is horribly aggravating when a favored package gets dropped. The
      one thing about CentOS (and the BSDs) is that if you ask nicely, they may
      work with you to try to keep something in there. The big ones, like RH,
      probably won't.

      Also, keep in mind that OO became an Oracle package (before going to
      Apache) and RH and Oracle are no longer friends, to gravely understate the

      At any rate, though, as I have often said, I would not compare your
      knowledge and experience with mine (hrrm--that could be taken either way,
      in this case, I meant that I feel you are FAR more knowledgeable and
      experienced than I am), I feel that your constant attacks against RH and
      CentOS are undeserved in this case. There's a lot of stuff RH does that
      does merit attack though.

      Scott Robbins
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