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  • thad_floryan
    Sep 1, 2012
      --- In linux@yahoogroups.com, Mike Adams <coss_michael@...> wrote:
      > > Then, later, the Redhat/CentOS douchebags did another untested
      > > update which clobbered libraries used by both OpenOffice and
      > > GoogleEarth, and now neither of those two apps function any more.
      > > System is hosed, and I have NO idea what it'll take to get those
      > > programs running again other than to wipeout CentOS and install
      > > anything other than a toy OS such as RHEL or CentOS.
      > > [...]
      > So what distro are you looking at as a replacement (I'm sure you're
      > giving that matter some consideration)?

      OpenIndiana was suggested by Ed in this article 30-AUG-2012:

      Thu Aug 30, 2012 12:19 am
      Re: [linux] Re: What distro now? ...

      I downloaded the Live DVD ISO and a lot more things worked on the
      HP dc5850 than did with CentOS so it's already better in that regards.
      It's Solaris-based which is fine with me since I'm very familiar with
      that OS family as I've written here many times before.

      Another distro was revealed to me on DistroWatch after that named
      SchilliX but that's too new to really consider for my purposes. I
      need stability. The final choice looks like it will be between
      OpenIndiana and FreeBSD. Here's my screenshot of OpenIndiana:


      I have some more comments about it in this article:

      Thu Aug 30, 2012 7:52 pm
      Re: OpenIndiana -- possible total replacement for RHEL and CentOS

      Note CentOS couldn't support the onboard chip audio of the HP dc5850.

      > [...]
      > I looked at Debian a while back... I couldn't figure out how to
      > install it. It was asking questions I didn't know the answers to,
      > and I didn't understand enough to even ask the right questions to
      > get the answers.
      > [...]

      Understood. My gripe with Debian for which I could never get an
      answer was "which of the 60+ CDs or 10+ DVDs does one need to download
      to install Debian?", so I said to hell with it. True enterprise-class
      systems (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, etc.) don't require that many disks so
      that was a clear sign that Debian is as disorganized as RedHat, et al.

      > [...]
      > Another issue I've got is easier to fix in some respects. Linux
      > software (not the OS software) in many cases is brilliantly
      > functional, but the look and feel is often non-intuitive and
      > clumsy. It's getting better.

      Developers for the most part are NOT designers. Human interface
      design is beyond the capabilities of most people without training.
      Professional designers (think $$$) are needed for best results and
      that's not going to happen in the free open-source community unless
      a professional(s) donates their time.

      > In fact, though I do not like the KDE desktop, some of the
      > software designed for KDE has a great look and feel.

      I can believe it. KMahjongg on CentOS is subjectively much better
      than the Gnome (?) Mahjongg. They're both good games to play while
      on the phone. :-)

      > > The Ubuntus I have (8.04.4 and 9.04) I'll keep running forever
      > > because the 8.04.4 is great on one of my laptops-as-a-desktop and
      > > 9.04 runs my SheevaPlug LAN servers.
      > >
      > That's the beauty of things. If it's working and meets your needs,
      > there's no driving need to change.

      That was my expectation with CentOS but it's clear now their promise
      of support until November 30, 2020 was an empty lie since they could
      not support it properly between March 2012 and August 2012. CentOS
      violated every aspect of what an enterprise-class system should be.

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