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61133Re: CentOS, RedHat, and Linux Distros etc...

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  • thad_floryan
    Sep 1, 2012
      --- In linux@yahoogroups.com, Mike Adams <coss_michael@...> wrote:
      > [...]
      > I'm certainly not to the point where any of what happened to you
      > with the CentOS and RedHat changes would have even impacted on me.
      > My use of a computer doesn't require that level of operation.
      > Losing OpenOffice would have surprised me, but I would have just
      > reinstalled it and moved on.

      Hi Mike,

      Ah, but I did reinstall OpenOffice though other bugs with RHEL/CentOS
      prevented it from appearing in the Applications->Office menu; in fact
      the Office menu itself would not return even though it shows in the
      alacarte program (which is what's used to edit the menus). So I had
      to create a top-bar launcher and that worked fine. But read further
      down. Here's after reinstallation of OpenOffice; note the bugs:


      Then, later, the Redhat/CentOS douchebags did another untested update
      which clobbered libraries used by both OpenOffice and GoogleEarth, and
      now neither of those two apps function any more. System is hosed, and
      I have NO idea what it'll take to get those programs running again
      other than to wipeout CentOS and install anything other than a toy OS
      such as RHEL or CentOS. That subsequent update FUBAR library delete
      is documented here:

      Sun Aug 26, 2012 8:23 pm
      "Hasta la vista CentOS/RHEL -- avoid it like the plague"


      > I programmed back in the Commodore days, but I was never "good" at
      > it though many people thought I was. I knew I didn't have the real
      > talent for it and was just a dabbler.

      So did I and I still have what may arguably be the world's largest
      C64 re: disk drives and other accessories. I was also an Amiga
      developer and helped run FAUG (First Amiga Users Group) and BAADGE
      (Bay Area Amiga Developers GroupE). Our FAUG meetings started in a
      church hall in Belmont CA because the church thought a "users group"
      was some kind of drug rehabilitation organization and didn't charge us
      rental fees for the hall! :-) Later we moved the meetings to the
      Palo Alto Hyatt where we'd often have 2,000 to 3,000 members attend
      especially on nights when Electronic Arts appeared. I demo'd the
      MARBLE MADNESS game in front of that group and won! I also arranged for the BAADGE meetings to be at the auditorium at SLAC (Stanford
      Linear Accelerator Center) because I had friends there; Xerox-PARC's auditorium wasn't large enough. I still have 3 functional Amiga's
      two of which I upgraded to MC68010 and MC68020 CPUs and SCSI disks.

      > However, I do have some udnerstanding of what you're talking about.
      > I use LibreOffice primarily because it comes preinstalled in the
      > distro I use, but I only use the word processor and the
      > presentation software. I tried uninstalling the spreadsheet and
      > database because I knew I'd never use them, but along the way lost discovered there were some dependencies between them, so I haven't
      > fiddled with them since.

      That's understandable because those multiple programs are all part
      of the same software suite.

      Here's something insane and verifies RedHat/CentOS developers are
      total idiots: when I attempted to delete LibreOffice from CentOS
      it mentioned it would delete Firefox also. WTF?! So I deleted
      LibreOffice simply by going to where it was on the disk and simply

      # rm -r .* *

      but that still left LibreOffice dingleberries randomly located on the
      system which required explicit deletes.

      > I could switch to OpenOffice fairly easily, of course, but I have
      > no need for the entire suite in its case either. For the moment,
      > it's not a big issue with me.

      But what was the issue? Surely not disk space.

      > I think I've read somewhere that the next iteration of Ubuntu will
      > have Abiword instead of LibreOffice, and I suppose that's because
      > they are wanting to control the size of the distro.

      That doesn't make any sense. I wonder where Ubuntu is going. Read
      this page:


      and scroll down to this section:

      Ubuntu vs Debian: the heart says Ubuntu, but the brains says Debian

      whose sub-sections are:

      Ubuntu supports less than 25% of available packages with security

      Debian releases are much more bug-free and stable

      Ubuntu's commercial support is not available for TurnKey anyhow

      Note the above is TURNkey linux, not Turkey linux. :-)

      > I'm beginning to "accept" Ubuntu's default desktop now that I've
      > finally learned enough about desktops and customization to make it
      > more usable.
      > It's installed on my laptop alongside Linux Mint (MATE). That old
      > desktop has Mint XFCE on it primarily because I like XFCE and don't
      > like LDXE (which would probably be a better suited desktop for it
      > due to its limitations).

      The Ubuntus I have (8.04.4 and 9.04) I'll keep running forever because
      the 8.04.4 is great on one of my laptops-as-a-desktop and 9.04 runs my
      SheevaPlug LAN servers.

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