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61126Re: (Slashdot Article) How Apple Killed the Linux Desktop

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  • thad_floryan
    Sep 1 2:12 AM
      --- In linux@yahoogroups.com, Mike Adams <coss_michael@...> wrote:
      > > Here's a copy of my September 2012 bill that I just scanned, $61.59
      > > (sometimes my water bill is higher during the months I remember to
      > > water the lawn):
      > >
      > > <http://thadlabs.com/PIX/PG+E_Sept_2012.jpg>
      > I must say I'm extremely impressed. BTW, my wife and I came very
      > close to moving to the Sacramento area recently.

      Good thing you didn't; Sacramento is a den of inequity and crime due
      to it being the state capitol. Police forces have been reduced in
      most major California cities. San Jose CA is now wide-open with a
      smaller force and an inability to respond to most crimes. Read some
      back issues of the San Hoser's Mockery, er, Murky, er, Mercury News
      Action Line column for info <http://www.mercurynews.com/action-line/>.

      Oakland and San Francisco have extremely high crime rates with police
      corruption and they mostly fail to charge felons at all and let them
      go free. Frisco being a "sanctuary city" also allows illegal aliens
      to roam the streets unhindered and murder people almost daily.

      The entire state is a mess with over $500 Billion ($500,000,000,000)
      in unfunded retirement debt and another $50 Billion "simple" debt.

      > I'm originally from Oklahoma, she's from St. Louis, and we're now
      > in Albuquerque by way of North-Central Texas.

      I have many fond memories of New Mexico (working at White Sands, etc.)

      > We were told the weather there was very nice, and I'm sure that
      > contributes to your low bills.

      Weather here has changed dramatically over the years. As an avid
      astronomer since the early 1950s I liked my backyard when I bought
      the house in 1966 because I could see the entirety of the Milky Way,
      M31 (Andromeda Galaxy) was a huge naked-eye object, and one could
      read newspapers outside at night using starlight. No more. It's one
      huge supercity now from San Jose up to Frisco, paved all the way,
      where there used to be miles of agriculture between each city until
      1970 or so.

      You can see the climate and astronomical viewing status of my back
      yard here -- many locals use that page because it includes all the
      Clear Sky Chart areas (charted by Canadian satellites (and, yes, I
      know this is "SIlicon Valley")) within a 10-mile radius of me:


      > Where I'm from, we usually had the highest temperature in the
      > country a dozen times or so in the summer and freezing rain during
      > the winters

      In the 1960s and up to mid-1970s here my 4-tiered backyard waterfall
      would freeze 2" thick during the Winter and I'd have to use a sledge
      to daily break the ice so birds would have drinking and bathing
      water. Never again since, and temps have been as high here as 117°F
      (47.2°C); I run a weather station at home; you can see some of the
      sensors here on the tower:


      > However, your situation just goes to prove you can make a
      > difference in your individual costs if you know what to do and how
      > to do it.

      I'm technically retired now and I control my budget better that I
      used to do. It takes a certain discipline that a lot of people
      simply don't have. :-)

      > Congrats!


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