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61124Re: [linux] Re: (Slashdot Article) How Apple Killed the Linux Desktop

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  • Mike Adams
    Sep 1, 2012
      > Here's a copy of my September 2012 bill that I just scanned, $61.59
      > (sometimes my water bill is higher during the months I remember to
      > water the lawn):
      > <http://thadlabs.com/PIX/PG+E_Sept_2012.jpg>
      I must say I'm extremely impressed. BTW, my wife and I came very close
      to moving to the Sacramento area recently. I'm originally from
      Oklahoma, she's from St. Louis, and we're now in Albuquerque by way of
      North-Central Texas. We were told the weather there was very nice, and
      I'm sure that contributes to your low bills. Where I'm from, we usually
      had the highest temperature in the country a dozen times or so in the
      summer and freezing rain during the winters.

      However, your situation just goes to prove you can make a difference in
      your individual costs if you know what to do and how to do it.



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