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61121Re: (Slashdot Article) How Apple Killed the Linux Desktop

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  • thad_floryan
    Sep 1, 2012
      --- In linux@yahoogroups.com, Mike Adams <coss_michael@...> wrote:
      > > in 2009: SpaceSaver, Enhanced Quiet Touch, Pearl White, and PS2
      > > MiniDIN for US$69. You can see mine here:
      > >
      > > <http://thadlabs.com/PIX/Thad_desk.jpg>
      > >
      > I don't know about the keyboard, Thad, but based on the number of
      > computers and workstations you've got set up, I won't trade electric
      > bills with you <grin>.

      Hi Mike,

      OK, no problemo, but you might regret that, :-)

      According to the monthly energy report mailed (postal) to me each month,
      I have the lowest electricity and gas usage in my neighborhood, lower
      than even that of folks who've spent $100,000 for solar and other green
      garbage. My home thermally leaks like a sieve (it was built in 1955
      and I bought it in 1966) so I simply wear an LL Bean fleece-lined
      flannel shirt inside during the winter.

      I was one of the first 100 households in California to have time of use
      metering so that's a big savings. My actual daily usage is only 15kW
      or so, sometimes peaking at 18kW (due to ironing shirts, etc.)

      I use at least one of my home theaters for 2-4 hours every day and
      one of them has a 2 HP sound system. Sometimes I'll have 2 ovens
      running along with items on the 4-burner stove and in the microwave.
      I have a laundry room (w/ gas dryer). What helps are the CFL and
      flourescent lighting and the fact I replaced all the computer power
      supplies with energy-efficient ones from Antec; most of my systems
      use only 40-50 Watts (and 4 W for the SheevaPlugs) measured using a
      bunch of Kill-A-Watts.

      Years ago my electric bill would run $300-$500/month when I kept all
      the UNIX boxes running 24/7/24 along with CRT monitors and also used
      the air conditioner; I have since covered insides of the roofs and
      many windows with a product called ReflexcTix:


      and that's made a big difference even though the reason I did that was
      to block sunlight so I could watch movies daytime in a darkened room.

      Here's a copy of my September 2012 bill that I just scanned, $61.59
      (sometimes my water bill is higher during the months I remember to
      water the lawn):



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