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60630Q: CentOS/RHEL - what is it that puts up the graphic login window

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  • thad_floryan
    May 1, 2012
      For 6 weeks everything's fine with the new system, but now, beginning
      exactly on May 1, the login window (for username/password) takes many
      minutes before it appears. Is this some kind of a statement by RHEL
      concerning Soviet Russia's "May Day" celebrations or what? :-)

      I can ssh into the system just fine within 20 seconds or so of powering
      up, but the graphic login screen is delayed and there is no disk
      activity whatsoever for quite a long time. I didn't time the number of
      minutes. Once logged on, I can logout and a new login window appears
      almost instantly, so this is something related to being just-booted.

      Is that login window something from Pam and/or gdm-password? Googling
      isn't helping [me] find what it's called so I can seek a solution.

      grep'ing in /var/log for gdm and other things isn't finding anything
      useful, neither is dmesg (both the program and grep'ing the file).

      Nothing obvious is in /var/log/messages either (perhaps because I
      don't know what I'm looking for).

      If anyone could reveal the name of the process that puts up the login
      window, I could take it from there. SELINUX is *NOT* enabled as best
      as I can tell. And, FWIW, I changed NOTHING in the system config for
      at least a month now, and today, May 1, is the first instance of this
      new login problem (noting I power-down each night and reboot each

      I also don't recall any of the almost-daily updates from CentOS having
      anything to do specifically with logins, so this is a puzzler -- what
      could have changed? Sigh.
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