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59743Re: [linux] Re: Death knell for bash? 64-bit version buggy

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  • Michael Kjorling
    Dec 1, 2011
      On Nov 30 2011 21:30 -0500, from scottro@... (Scott):
      > I guess (I'm not a programmer, so this is nothing but a guess), that
      > coders today barely take resources into account, whereas in the old
      > days, they did.

      Working in the field (programming "in the cloud"), though not exactly
      claiming my experiences to necessarily be representative of any
      greater sample, I do see that in many cases, resource usage just
      doesn't register much if at all on the radar screens of most of the
      people I work with. Usually, they only start paying attention when
      something starts running hideously slow up to actually timing out
      (which, for a standard SQL query, means it goes beyond 30 wallclock
      seconds execution time).

      There _are_ programmers who do care about resource usage (time, I/O,
      CPU), and I try to count myself among them to a reasonable degree (if
      I can do something in O(n) instead of O(n²) with little additional
      effort, I will, but if it's a small data set and the O(n) solution
      runs nicely and is maintainable, I might not spend a week chasing an
      obscure O(log n) algorithm to do the same thing), but for the most
      part, it seems like unless it really needs paying attention to, many
      don't care. Hence, software behaves as a gaseous substance; it expands
      to fill whatever container is used to hold it.

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