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57992Re: [linux] Re: audacity

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  • Al Thompson
    Jun 1, 2010
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      visual_infinityuk wrote:
      >>> 30 odd gigs it des say there is room for so many hours...
      >> The resulting .wav file is 30G? What sample rate/bit depth are you
      >> writing to the file? Is it properly closing the file, or leaving it open?
      > 30gb was the answer to the question of free space left on HD, so thats not an issue, the exporiting mp3s come out as about 1mb a minute which I recall in windows is 950000kb. its recording at 16bit, the audacity program can play back sounds prior to the halve an hour cut off point, but nothing after it shows a flat line.

      Try using .wav as your default file type.


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