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  • visual_infinityuk
    Jun 1, 2010
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      --- In linux@yahoogroups.com, Al Thompson <biggles58@...> wrote:
      > visual_infinityuk wrote:
      > >> What size .wav file is the result? I know you were using different
      > >> filesystems, and some of the filesystems have filesize limits. How much
      > >> free space is left on your data partition?
      > >>
      > > 30 odd gigs it des say there is room for so many hours...
      > >
      > The resulting .wav file is 30G? What sample rate/bit depth are you
      > writing to the file? Is it properly closing the file, or leaving it open?

      30gb was the answer to the question of free space left on HD, so thats not an issue, the exporiting mp3s come out as about 1mb a minute which I recall in windows is 950000kb. its recording at 16bit, the audacity program can play back sounds prior to the halve an hour cut off point, but nothing after it shows a flat line.
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