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55537Re: Whatever happened to "Linux Magazine"? Warning: RANT

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  • Thad Floryan
    Apr 2 5:32 PM
      --- In linux@yahoogroups.com, Jeff Lane <sundowner225@...> wrote:
      > [...]
      > My windows Host files are usually several thousand lines long and
      > route most all ad servers I know of to localhost.
      speeds up surfing,
      > and no popups. Firefox's popup blocker catches the rest ;-)

      An email correspondent revealed this URL to me last night:


      Their present (March 15, 2009) hosts file is 16,500 lines long.

      With trepidation (given its size), I tested it on one of my Windows
      systems and it works fine. It's a pleasure not seeing ads or having
      a page load stalled due to an ad site's problems. :-)

      Contrary to some instructions at the above URL, the system does not
      need to be rebooted to use the modified hosts file.

      16+K lines in a hosts file is really pushing it, though, and is
      reminiscent of the old hosts file(s) at SRI during ARPANET days.

      A DNS-based solution should be considerably more efficient than a
      sequential search of the hosts file.
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