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55529Re: [linux] Re: Whatever happened to "Linux Magazine"? Warning: RANT

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  • Jeff Lane
    Apr 2, 2009
      You know... this is the first lecture I give in the Intro to Linux
      class I teach at the local community college.

      The nutshell version is that, on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being highest...

      Prior to 1995, the average skill level of computer users, be they
      Dos/Windows 1,2,or 3.x, Unix, MacOS, or whatever was around 75-80 on
      the scale. After the advent of Windows 95, that average skill level
      dropped to about 35. The law of averages. The reason being that
      after 95, everyone and their brother could point and click their way
      around a computer and not have to understand anything at all, hence
      the worst tech support line ever: I can't get my AOL.

      This was both a Good Thing[tm] in that now everyone could have access
      to the power of computers, and a Bad Thing[tm] because those same
      people had no clue. Add on to that Microsoft's stragegy of
      monopolization in the desktop/home-user space and we get what we have
      today. MS dominating those markets with nearly 95% ownership, and the
      virus of the day being spread because the people who write virii and
      worms target the most number of systems with the least amount of work.

      But I'm just preaching to the choir, here. We all know this, and know
      it well. And I share in your frustration over this (try teaching
      Linux to a group of people who have never known anything BUT Windows
      95 or later). The students I get that have some Unix or pre Win9x
      experience are usually the ones that do well, and the ones that have
      never left a GUI have that idiot mindset.

      But the same can be said for any other piece of technology too. How
      many people could actually tell you HOW a car works? Even in the
      basic terms... and how many of those would just go insane trying to
      wrap their minds around the fact that an internal combustion engine is
      really nothing more than a powerful air pump, because in reality,
      that's all it is. And how many of them could even tell you how to do
      basic things like changing oil, rotating tire, or hell, even putting a
      spare tire on? Not too many...

      So the point is, I am in agreement with you and hate Windows for this
      very reason. On the other hand, I also use Windows for certain tasks
      because, quite honestly, it is the best tool for some jobs. I'm a
      mechanic... and I have lots of tools, and I use the right one when I
      need to, but...

      My windows Host files are usually several thousand lines long and
      route most all ad servers I know of to localhost. speeds up surfing,
      and no popups. Firefox's popup blocker catches the rest ;-)

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