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53205Re: [linux] How to change the ip address

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  • Scott
    Mar 15, 2008
      On Sat, Mar 15, 2008 at 05:30:04PM -0500, thad wrote:
      > > However, on OpenBSD, they have this amazing section. It's called.....
      > >
      > > EXAMPLES
      > >
      > > And I don't think that anyone's ever accused Theo of dumbing it down for
      > > the masses. :)
      > Look at man pages of AIX, Tru64 and Solaris you can never go wrong. I
      > have a veteran UNIX colleague who said the learning curve of Linux is
      > much harder than UNIX and he hated Linux man pages!

      > I guess he is right so Linux users are more geek :)

      > No flame, this is a Linux mailing list :D

      I always troll about the Linux docs. Ever since my job change subjected
      me to them again. :)

      However, at least these days, most distros have their own wikis, which
      usually have great docs. Arch and CentOS spring to mind.

      Scott Robbins
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