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53073Re: [linux] How to change the ip address

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  • Michael Kjorling
    Mar 2, 2008
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      On 2 Mar 2008 06:12 -0500, by scottro@... (Scott):
      > And I don't think that anyone's ever accused Theo of dumbing it down for
      > the masses. :)

      That's probably true :) I remember I was pretty stumped by a
      bare-bones OpenBSD installation once.

      > Yes, I remember years ago, your post on playing with IPv6. Do you still
      > play with it by the way? (I remember your example got a bunch of us
      > trying it.)

      At this point, no. The biggest problem is that no ISPs around here
      provide native service, and no consumer-oriented hardware seem to
      support it, so at best I have to tunnel it through IPv4 (with all of
      what that means). Running IPv6 on a LAN with a handful of systems
      seems like a lot more trouble than it's worth. (I can remember
      an address like by heart, but for example
      fdaf:9ac3:374b:0:93f4:e301:ccad:49d2 is a quite different matter.)

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