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53070Re: [linux] How to change the ip address

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  • Scott
    Mar 2, 2008
      On Sun, Mar 02, 2008 at 06:41:28AM -0600, Jim Reimer wrote:
      > Scott wrote:
      > <snip>
      > > As a matter of fact, I'll add how to configure DHCP to it now--though,
      > > judging from the fact that so many questions on this list indicate
      > > people don't bother to look at it makes me wonder if it's worth the
      > > effort.
      > <more snip>
      > Something as important and informative as the list FAQ deserves
      > to have it's own automatic monthly reminder email to the list.

      Thank you. I used to do that, but again, it seemed that it was basically
      ignored. This was back in the days before every distro got their own
      (usually very good) forum and mailing list, back when the yahoogroups
      were about the only game in town.

      This is one reason I don't really keep it up to date anymore--laziness
      and less free time are factors of course.
      > (Doesn't it?)

      It does, but (sigh) it didn't work. :) Again, the FAQ by now, is quite
      dated in parts.

      > It's just soooo much trouble to go to the group's page on Yahoo
      > (is it Micro$oft yet?) to find the URL.....

      Heh, most of the newcomers are reading it in Outlook or Outlook Express,
      so they should just have to click. :)

      Scott Robbins
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