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50066Re: [linux] kernel question

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  • Michael Kjorling
    May 23, 2005
      On 2005-05-23 14:24 -0000, jesserlynch@... wrote:
      > The boot directory does still contain vmlinuz-2.4.24 (which came from
      > the original Linspire install) and init-2.4.24.gz
      > It also contains init-2.4.24.gz.new, init-2.4.24.gz.old and
      > safe_init-2.4.24.gz
      > So do I have a kernel installed?

      From what you have told, it looks that way. It's hard to tell about
      any necessary kernel modules, though.

      > And if I reboot my machine will I
      > avoid a "kernel panic" message and have a successful reboot even
      > though I can't find any installed debian package in synaptic named
      > "kernel-image"?

      If you don't have a kernel installed, it cannot panic. The boot loader
      can and most likely will fail, however.

      Kernel panics occur when the running kernel encounters a situation it
      cannot handle, such as a missing init binary or null pointer
      dereference. (In user-land applications the latter kind of mistakes
      cause a segmentation fault, but the kernel does not have that

      You want to check to make sure that the kernel image pointed to by
      your boot loader (in LILO, that's the image= directive) exists, and
      that the modules (if any) are still around under
      /lib/modules/`uname -r`. If that is the case, you have a complete (as
      in working) kernel installation. However, if you are missing critical
      system packages such as module-init-tools, coreutils or the likes,
      your system might not boot anyway. The kernel is only one part of a
      working GNU/Linux system. Take a look at the Linux From Scratch book
      if you don't believe me...

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