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47698Re: Setting Up Yahoo Messenger in Linux

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  • Allen D. Tate
    Aug 9 7:14 AM
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      >>GAIM is cool but it doesn't offer the other cool stuff I was speaking
      >>of above. :)
      > Yeah it doesn't offer that, but there's no reason why you can use a
      > third party camera tool, such as the old web pages that refresh every x
      > seconds. This can be quite advantageous as multiple people can see a
      > single image, at only one cost to bandwidth.
      > I know its not what you wanted. There may be a plugin, can I suggest
      > that you ask on the gaim mail list, I am sure they will get a response
      > to your request.

      I was talking about LAUNCHcast Radio, not the webcam, that was someone
      else. :)
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