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47091XFree 4.1/2/3 driver issue

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  • Justin Alexander
    Jun 1, 2004
      My new laptop uses an S3/Savage. The 4.3 drivers (which are
      OpenSource) do not seem to suport 3D acceleration (or MPEG, but that's
      a small issue).

      The there are 4.1 drivers available from S3's website. By all reports
      they not only support 3D(OpenGL) but the kitchen sink (S-Video out etc).

      What I'm wonder is what are the benifits of XFree 4.3 over 4.1, or
      for that mater X.org?

      Is 4.3 THAT much better that it is worth giving up 3D acceleration?

      Can you get antialiased fonts in 4.1?
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