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42796Re: [linux] How to configure SWAT in redhat 9?

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  • Scott Robbins
    Aug 1, 2003
      On Fri, Aug 01, 2003 at 11:30:36AM +0700, Muhammad Sazili wrote:
      > Hi linuxers,
      > how to configure swat in redhat 9? i have modified /etc/services. but i
      > can not find /etc/inetd.conf. when i run http://localhost:901 in
      > browser, alert appears with message: "The connection was refused when
      > attempting to contact localhost:901".
      > how i configure that in correct way?

      That one is covered in the list faq at


      It's probably either in xinetd. If not, you'll have to allow it in
      iptables--most well-known ports are blocked by default in RH's default
      iptables (well-known ports are 0-1023)

      I'm not a swat fan--back when I tried to use it, I found it a bit buggy,
      so got used to editing the config files by hand, so can't be that much
      more help, but hopefully, one (or perhaps both) of those guesses will

      To find out if it's being blocked in iptables, try

      iptables -L | more


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