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38854Re[2]: [linux] slackware

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  • psyfybre
    Dec 1, 2002
      Hello Bob,

      Sunday, December 01, 2002, 1:38:54 PM, you wrote:

      BE> If you are installing from the Slackware CD, all the
      BE> apps are in Slackware packages. No need for the make,
      BE> install stuff.
      BE> You CAN install source-based apps on Slackeware, but
      BE> you don't have to.

      BE> Still the easiest distro to understand & install,

      i agree, i have tried many distros and slack is the best for
      management. to back this up, my understanding of windows has improved
      a lot since using slack because you dont have all the gui interfaces,
      and well, ive always been a dos person.

      i hear people in college make wild assumptions about certain issues
      and you can tell they draw these because they never see what the app
      is doing.

      the same should be said for those distros like mandrake and caldera
      that clutter the OS with gui tools.

      Best regards,
      psyfybre mailto:psyfybre@...
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