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33971Re: [linux] GRUB + Win2K Pro

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  • Michael Kjorling
    May 1, 2002
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      On May 1 2002 23:03 +0100, Nicholas jeffery wrote:

      > In otherwards you should say mounting the win2k partition( that's if it's
      > not already mounted.
      > $ mount -f vfat default 1 2
      > If you figure out a way to switch OS, or switch from a linux kernel( that
      > communicates with your hardware ) to a win2k kernel without rebooting the
      > box don't hesitate to tell networkAdmins of you newly founded trick. 'cause
      > personally i know that Admins hate to reboot!
      > They love uptime.
      > yours
      > coffee

      If so, why are they using Windows at all? By the way, there is
      products like Bochs and VMware that allows you to run multiple OSes

      But I think the original question was about how to get GRUB to boot a
      number of different operating systems. If so, it doesn't really matter
      what partitions you mount in your Linux system. (Except for sharing
      data, obviously, but that's a different story.)

      Michael Kjörling

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