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Hein Rigolo
Dec 5, 2010
Suspend/hibernate with debian lenny Hello! (Is anyone still here?) I've just upgraded my D800 from Debian etch to Debian lenny. I had suspend (to ram) working under etch. (Of course, I don't
Oct 19, 2009
Re: Nvidia driver woes for the 4200 Go ... I am sorry you're having these issues, that does sound frustrating. I haven't used my D800 in a looong time (I went to the 820, then 830, and now somewhat
Mike Hardy
Oct 8, 2008
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Nvidia driver woes for the 4200 Go I've just installed Ubuntu 8.04 on my old D800 and am really pleased, but I just haven't had much sucess with the Nvidia driver. The Ubuntu supplied one is
Oct 8, 2008
Web interface tool (open sources (LAMP)) Dear All, Is there any Web interface tool (open sources (LAMP)) for shift planning (24/7) and can easily mange their shifts effectively. Please let me know
vadi raj
Jul 29, 2008
Web interface tool (open sources (LAMP)) Dear All, Is there any Web interface tool (open sources (LAMP)) for shift planning (24/7) and can easily mange their shifts effectively. Please let me know
vadi raj
Jul 29, 2008
Re: [req]open source app based on rsync I use this program. It's not technically open source because it's too small to be open source but you're welcome to it. We use it at my company to back servers
Mike Hardy
Jul 13, 2008
[req]open source app based on rsync Dear All, Thanks for the useful informations sharing...:) I like know any Linux(RHEL) based applications (open source) which use rsync based algorithm to sink
vadi raj
Jul 13, 2008
Re: removing stuck battery from D810 Thanks for both responses. It turns out my wife's laptop is still covered by onsite complete care. A technician came less than 24 hours after she called and
Dan Christensen
May 29, 2008
Re: removing stuck battery from D810 You should also check to see if your battery is covered under the Dell recall. They had a huge number of bad batteries that were doing things like catching
Yahoo User
May 29, 2008
Re: removing stuck battery from D810 ... If it's just a mechanical problem, and if you don't otherwise need the drive bay, then the best option would be to just ignore it. But you also said that
Markus Gutschke
May 27, 2008
removing stuck battery from D810 One of the batteries in my wife's Dell Latitude D810 is stuck in place. It doesn't budge a bit when I try to pull it out. It's the battery that fits in the
Dan Christensen
May 27, 2008
Problems with networking I usually avoid upgrading my slackware distribution on my laptop because I always run into problems getting everything to work again. Last weekend I finally
Dec 19, 2007
vixta Hi all. I've never used linux at all. Been using Vista for a couple of weeks. Thought I might try this new Vixta/Fedora, but apparently it has some bugs.
Nov 22, 2007
Re: [commercial] SafeSquid 4.2.1 Released No advertising. You are banned.
Mike Hardy
Oct 26, 2007
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[commercial] SafeSquid 4.2.1 Released SafeSquid 4.2.1 is focused on improvisations in logs, and handling of forwarded requests. # Until SafeSquid 4.2.0 SafeSquid needed a restart when the logfiles
Oct 26, 2007
Re: Fedora on a Latitude 830? Well, when I first started the group, it was definitely for the D800 but I think most of us have probably moved on. I use a D820 with FC5 now, and have FC6 on
Mike Hardy
Oct 4, 2007
Fedora on a Latitude 830? I have a new Latitude 830 that I want to put Linux on. Does the "800" in the group's name cover this system? If so, does anyone have any experience getting
Oct 4, 2007
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Consumer Notebook
Jul 8, 2007
Re: 2GB on d800 possible? only 1,5GB recognized ... well, I'm sure that I did this, but: because I wasn't sure if I tried to switch the 1GB-DIMMs in their slots I tried this: it works! mmmmh, then I switch
walter meier
Jun 21, 2007
Re: 2GB on d800 possible? only 1,5GB recognized I definitely used to have 2GB in my D800, and it was recognized. It sounds like you have two 512MB sticks as well, have you tried putting the 1GB and 512MB
Mike Hardy
Jun 20, 2007
2GB on d800 possible? only 1,5GB recognized hi! I tried to upgrade my d800 from 1G to 2G but it fails. at least one slot seems to have a 512MB-DIMM in it. I tried both 1G-DIMMs in the other slot, both
walter meier
Jun 20, 2007
Re: Speakers on Dock I have a D800 with a docking station, and I also had this problem. Never did get the speakers to work through the docking station, so I just got in the habit
Daniel Suson
Jun 7, 2007
Re: Speakers on Dock ... laptop sound. Thanks for the information. ... don't do ... annoyance to ... I am in the opposite situation, dock at home, where I like to use the computer
Bill Gardner
Jun 7, 2007
Re: Speakers on Dock ... Yeah, I know. Been a lurker for a couple of years, checking in every once and a while and scanning through the archives. ... It's a D800. I tried a
Bill Gardner
Jun 7, 2007
Re: Speakers on Dock Just another data point. I now have a D820, and previously a D800. Neither one uses the sound through the dock, instead using the laptop sound. I didn't work
John DeCarlo
Jun 7, 2007
Re: Speakers on Dock Huh. Haven't seen that before. I don't have an answer but I just wanted you to know the group isn't completely dead ;-) Not that helpful, but it's some signal
Mike Hardy
Jun 7, 2007
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Speakers on Dock I am a newbie when it comes to Linux and have not been able to find a solution to this small hardware issue, the only one that I have. Under Ubuntu, I get no
Bill Gardner
Jun 6, 2007
Note about 4GB RAM and heat Not sure about the rest of you guys but it's starting to get warm in Oakland (finally!) and I have cats. I noticed something after upgrading from 2GB of RAM to
Mike Hardy
May 28, 2007
Re: D820 BIOS A06 out, 4GB of ram tips/hints for Linux So what about sound? I've installed CentOS 4.4 but it appears the sound doesnt quite work out of the box. Alsa detects it as an "HDA Intel" sound device: $
May 16, 2007
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