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  • Sound card is enabled and i dont if it is completely in the right shape or not. i have a dell latitude CP M233xt. i have soundblaster pro on this pc. i managed to get the sound card working. however, i am not able to get recording using a microphone to work. any insights. please provide any input that will help asap. i am trying to record using sox and lame programs to generate mp3...
    gokul_vs@yahoo.com Sep 7, 2000
  • Any idea on sound config for Dell Latitude CP M233xt. it has a soundbalster pro sound card. i did sndconfig and picked the soundblaster pro option. every thing works fine except for sound recording. i am using sox and lame - mp3 recording programs and they dont work. they generate a 144kb file all the time with no recorded audio. input for recording goes from the mic. recording...
    gokul_vs@yahoo.com Sep 6, 2000
  • I am having problems recording mp3 from a program that is running on linux 2.2.14 on dell cp 233xt. any insights would help.
    gokul_vs@yahoo.com Sep 6, 2000
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  • I have linux redhat 6.2 running on my dell latitude laptop. How can I get the sound card working on this? Any pointers. Help is appreciated.
    gokul_vs@yahoo.com Aug 11, 2000