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Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: IDE driver update

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  • Morten Wang
    * Patrick Ohnewein ... no, they don t seem to be available. I got mine from Mandrake s distribution, through rpmfind.net, package name
    Message 1 of 17 , Jan 12, 2002
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      * Patrick Ohnewein
      > I don't think red hat provides the smart tools, I couldn't find them, at
      > least not yet.

      no, they don't seem to be available. I got mine from Mandrake's
      distribution, through rpmfind.net, package name
      "ucsc-smartsuite-2.0-4mdk". I chose the src.rpm and then did an
      "rpm --rebuild" followed by an install of the resulting RPM found in
      "/usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/". the rpm then installed cleanly,
      "smartctl -e /dev/hda" didn't report any errors, and I've now added
      the command to "/etc/rc.local".

      now I must add I didn't have a lot of these errors before I installed
      the smart-tools, a probable reason for this being that my harddrive
      didn't see much work. up until around noon today that is, when I
      logged in and discovered that "/usr/share/gnome/" didn't contain any
      of the ~53MB it should've contained. "rpm -Va | grep missing" _does_
      take a while to run and seems to check more or less everything, so
      traffic on the harddrive should be adequate. I found no errors in
      "/var/log/messages" though.


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