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getting dvd drive in removable bay to work with ide-scsi (success!)

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  • David Gamson
    thanks for the help. didn t work adding the append line to the global section of lilo.conf. but it did work adding hdc=ide-scsi directly after the hdb
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2002
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      thanks for the help. didn't work adding the append line to the global section of lilo.conf. but it did work adding "hdc=ide-scsi" directly after the hdb entry in the boot options:

      append=" hdb-ide-scsi hdc=ide-scsi devfs=mount quiet"
      there's another two "image=" entries and i added it to those as well. don't really know what i've done but it's working. thanks.

      david gamson

      i've been trying to get this to work for a couple of days. i have an
      > inspiron 8000 with the toshiba dvd drive (sd-c2402) in the second bay
      > (the removable bay). there's the sony cd-rw in the fixed bay.

      I have the same machine, and this works fine for me (Red Hat 7.2 using

      >> the
      >> cd-rw is recognized on the ide-scsi chain, but i can't get the dvd
      >> drive
      >> to be seen as a scsi device. i read the linux-dell-laptops faq's and
      >> added the line: append=" hdc=ide-scsi" to my /etc/lilo.conf
      >> file, and then ran lilo command, then rebooted, but that does not
      >> seem to be doing it. i wasn't sure where to add this in the
      >> lilo.conf file
      >> , when i added it at the end (after all the boot options) and then ran
      >> lilo command i'd get a bunch of errors, so i added it right after the
      >> "message=" line, before all the boot options. i've scoured the linux
      >> newbie site and whatever else i could find and i seem to be doing this
      >> correctly.

      I don't use lilo anymore, but try the following in the global section
      (anywhere near the top)

      append = "hdb=ide-scsi hdc=ide-scsi"

      I guess check to see if there is an existing line for hdb since it is
      working already, and add the hdc piece there isntead.

      >> i also tried removing the fstab entry that mounts the dvd
      >> drive to /mnt/cdrom1. don't know if this should make any difference,
      >> but it didn't.

      nope this shouldn't matter

      >> i'm very new at this. any help would be much appreciated.

      Try the above with lilo. Running lilo -v as root should not produce any
      errors. If you get errors, let us know. With that, the cdrw appears as
      /dev/scd0 and the dvd as /dev/scd1 for me. I create symlinks to them for
      /dev/cdrw and /dev/cdrom respectively (as well ass /dev/dvd and
      /dev/rdvd for dvd playing)

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