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RE: [linux-dell-laptops] Vmware 2.02 .. & Linux Resolution

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  • Lehman, Michael
    Well, I thought that you could hit ctl-alt- + or ctl-alt- - to go up and down between resolutions. But it didn t work. There is an applet for gnome called
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 3, 2000
      Well, I thought that you could hit ctl-alt-"+" or ctl-alt-"-" to go up and
      down between resolutions. But it didn't work.

      There is an applet for gnome called gvid, that will let you switch
      resolutions and depth on the fly.

      What I would like to know is how to get the full 1400x1050 resolution on the
      Inspirion 5000? Just for kicks I tried the patch for the 7500's, and, of
      course, it didn't work. The resolution was one of the primary reasons I
      bought the thing, and I really want it to work.

      Michael Lehman

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      Sigurd Nes wrote:

      Has anyone tried to install the Vmware tools ?

      The binaries are supposed to be included in the download of VMware 2.0
      - but I've not figured it out how to install the tools...

      Like Kevin said, go to the "setting" pull down menu and click "VMware
      tools install" & when it asks if you want instructions click "yes."
      are very explicit ... al least they are for tools for Linux on VMware
      Windows NT & 2000 (unfortunately, there are reasons for windows
      being my host system) You have to mount a virtual floppy, copy and
      some files, and them run them.

      On a different subject, does anyone know how to switch screen
      under, specifically, Redhat Linux 6.2 without having to rerun
      When running Linux natively (I have a dual-boot system) or under VMware
      when at work or at home, I have access to high resolution monitors.
      There are
      times--but not all times---when I would like to be able to run
      significantly higher than the 1024x7?? that I can run on my laptop LCD.
      I would like to able to change the resolution while logged in like one
      can in
      Windows (how embarrassing if we can't also do it under Linux) & NOT have
      remember the change after I log out (or would undo it automatically when

      I logout) because I might not have the monitor to support the higher
      at the next login. Second best would be being able to easily change it
      boot-up from the DEFAULT of 1024x7??.




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