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Wireless Encryption?

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  • danielg@ankylosaur.com
    I know this has little to do with the DELL i8100 other than that s what I m using to do all this, but thought I d try here too. I ve got a Linksys WAP11 and
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2001
      I know this has little to do with the DELL i8100 other than that's
      what I'm using to do all this, but thought I'd try here too.

      I've got a Linksys WAP11 and the wireless card for the notebook. The
      were literally plug and play, BUT...

      I've played around with the settings and tried to get WEP going. Okay,
      I've put the lines:

      # Options for Orinoco driver (ad-hoc mode)...
      #module "orinoco_cs" opts "enable_encryption=Y key_1=05 34 4B 8K \

      uncommented into /etc/pcmcia/config.opts, I've put the lines:

      INFO="Intersil PRISM2 11 Mbps Wireless Adapter"
      KEY="s:05 34 4B 8K"

      into /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts. I've played around with KEY= with the
      passphrase, with key_1 - key_4. I usually get:

      cardmgr[567]: + /sbin/iwconfig eth1 key s:05 34 4B 8K
      cardmgr[567]: + SIOCSIWENCODE(95): Operation not supported

      when I put it in wireless.opts. When I put the 'enable_encryption=Y'
      into config.opts then I do not get that error, but I still cannot
      connect with encryption turned on.

      Oh, if anyone's interested, vmware 3.0's USB does connect and download
      the WAP11's settings, even though it gives an error, the new settings
      are in effect. I know this by changing the CHANNEL, the ESSID and
      other things. Then I cannot connect until I change the setting in
      wireless.opts, so that does work. This post is not about that,
      though, I'm curious if anyone's gotten the WAP11 with the Linksys PC
      card working with encryption.

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