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Re: Installation crashes on i8100

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  • Calvin N. Hobbes
    ... these ... putting in ... current ... largest ... format. ... It is Dell bought memory. Kingston memory from Dell. Two 256 DIMMS. I ll try using only one.
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 2, 2001
      --- In linux-dell-laptops@y..., Brian Gold <bgold@v...> wrote:
      > You said you have 512MB ram... did the laptop come this way, or are
      > add-in modules (esp. crucial's)? If so, try removing them and
      putting in
      > the smallest amount of Dell RAM when you install. Something about
      > draw - the 8100 is 133MHz FSB, and the Crucial's are apparently the
      > current-drawing mem chips around. I recall in my installation
      > (8100/30GB/128MB), that the fan's kicked into high gear during the
      > It's tough to say, but maybe that's causing problems for you? Even if
      > you've got Dell mem., remove one of the two SODIMM's and try installing.

      It is Dell bought memory. Kingston memory from Dell. Two 256 DIMMS.
      I'll try using only one.

      I finally got it installed anyway. I used 'expert' mode and fdisk for
      the formatting. That seemed to work. It booted, but after the line:

      setting hostname localhost

      It started getting the same argument:

      /etc/rc.d/rc: /bin/egrep cannot execute binary file.

      I can hit CTRL-C and get to the next line, but I get the same thing
      for every one of the lines. It stalls on initializing syslog and it
      never comes back.

      I'll try a single 256 and then add the memory line in lilo.conf to
      bring it to 512.

      If there's anything else to try, please let me know.

      Thank you
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