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[linux-dell-laptops] Re: Insprion8000 Display Configuration

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  • Peter Vratny
    Hi ... Sir ;-) - but Peter is enough :-) ... I took this, too, but there seems to be a bug in my configs somewhere ... yes. That was me (among others,
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 11, 2001

      > Dear Sir or Ma'am:

      Sir ;-) -> but Peter is enough :-)

      > I have an 8000, and I installed LM8.0 quite easily, excepting that
      > when I got to the X11 part of the install, I made sure to change my
      > display type to "Generic LCD 1600x1200" (I have the 1600x1200 display,
      > dont know what your display is).

      I took this, too, but there seems to be a bug in my configs somewhere

      > I did notice (I think) someone on list asking about loading and
      > booting Linux on a second HD, maybe you can explain how you did it.

      yes. That was me (among others, probably ..).
      That was an easy thing to do.
      Against the infos of the support and the manual I didn't have to do
      an bios-update. I just put the second hdd in the bay and booted from
      cd-rom. I did partitioning by hand (no auto modes) and that was it. I
      was a little bit disturbed by not being asked for what to do with
      lilo (not a single question in the setup!) but it did it's work.
      lilo was automatically writen to the mbr of hda and configured it to
      boot linux as default, linux failsafe and nt as optional OS'. That
      was that was I wanted. As I said, not a single keystroke came from my
      side .. ;-).

      When you're asking for booting from the 2nd drive directly, then this
      is a bios-funtction.

      > There are several people on this list whom have 8000s, and I would
      > expect a relatively healthy array of people to respond to your
      > questions, and perhaps you could try some of the XF86config files
      > already in the file area, and search through postings regarding the
      > 8000. I doubt that LM8.0 is any different than configuring any other
      > distribution using X11/4.x.x as its base.

      I#m not very familiar with yahoo-groups (usenet rules ;-) so I didn't
      even know that there is a file-area ...
      I'll take a look and I allready have downloaded some config-files
      that I will excamine this evening.

      > I also would recommend the ltmodem drivers, if you have a built-in
      > modem as they have been working pretty flawless for me as well (5.99 I
      > think is the version I used)

      that's very far on the bottom of my to-do-list :-)
      I do need the buildt-in modem just for restarting my crashed win2k-
      servers with pc-anywhere. So no hurry for getting it working under
      linux :-)

      > One last recommendation is to try the RPMs which Dell publishes for
      > RedHat, as I am sure you are aware, Mandrake is a RedHat derivative.

      I#ll take a look, thx for the tip

      > Good luck, and I hope this helps you out.

      let's see. I'm so used to the console just working every day with
      servers and ssh that I'm really desperatly looking forward to use a
      (that's german for somehow "clicky-colored") klicki-bunti interface
      under linux with my beloved I8k :-)

      so long,
      ** You asked me if I ever was in prison? **
      ** Yes, and I'm still trying to escape! **
      ** [ ... some rasta-poetry] **
      ** pgp @ http://proserver1.at/pgp **
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