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Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Digest Number 348 - Part 2

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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2001
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      Message: 3
      Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 06:14:52 -0000
      From: cannon@...
      Subject: Re: partioning (with regards to safe hibernation & 8.x gig limit)

      Two quick things. First I have heard people on here using a windows
      partition, fat16/fat32 for the swap 2 disk partition. Not sure of the
      specifics on that. That layout might require a very small s2d
      partition or something just to get the active/non-active partition
      thing working. If I remeber correctly, when you use the mks2d dos
      utility from dell, you have a couple options 1)mke a new partition,
      just for s2d, 2) make a small s2d and use some fat, and 3) possibly,
      use only fat.

      Second thing: I can't get the suspend to disk (or memory) to work
      under Linux. I only use redhat, mainly because my work uses it, and I
      have been using wolverine (post 7.0) with stock 2.4.1, and a couple
      custom 2.4.2 kernels. Some DELL guy on this list told me the next
      public beta or rh 7.1 (which should be public within 6 weeks) will do
      the suspend to disk stuff correctly, (he couldn't get it to work with
      wolverine either, but could with some rc 7.1 release). Based on that
      I should not be used as the end all source for the suspend 2 disk
      issue. If anyone want to give me a suggestion I'll try it.

      Did I say 2 things?
      Third thing. Have you tried vmware @
      vmware.com. This could eliminate your need to install win anything as
      an OS on the hardware. I'm a NT/2000 engineer for Purdue and we have
      been running Windows on Linux using vmware for a long time. I love
      this part too, Linux runs NT/2000 better than they can run them self.
      So I run 2000 virtually for all my admin stuff on the laptop now. Not
      sure about the game thing.

      --- In linux-dell-laptops@y..., Stephen Lau wrote:
      > >So I am creating the following partition structure:
      > >hda1 (boot from dos floopy and create this first with mks2k)
      > >hda2 /boot ACTIVE partition, LILO installed here
      > >hda3
      > >hda4 extended
      > >hda5 /
      > >hda6 /home
      > I want to keep my Windows partition when I get my I8000 - so I was
      > to use PartitionMagic or FIPS to knock it down to about 3 gigs (
      > enough for Windows, Office, and Rainbow Six:Rogue Spear ).
      > I was just going to keep the windows partition as hda1, but now I'm
      > concerned about getting s2d & the boot partition under the cylinder
      > It seems maybe I should do something like:
      > hda1
      > hda2 /boot (with LILO installed here)
      > hda3
      > hda4 extended
      > hda5
      > hda6 /
      > I assume when I get it, probably all 20 gigs will be allocated as
      hda1 to
      > Windows. Is there a way to move/swap partition assignments/ordering
      > achieve my desired ordering?
      Or is there a solution that will let
      > leave the Windows partition as hda1?
      If I can fit the /boot
      > under the limit, but after the Windows partition - then I think I
      > be golden - but I'm not sure if it will fit... any ideas?
      > cheers,
      > stephen
      > --
      > stephen lau :: [slau@u...] :: www.whacked.net :: ucsd/cse grad
      > "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open
      one's mouth
      > and remove all doubt."


      Message: 4
      Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 17:38:47 +1000
      From: Matthew Geier
      Subject: Re: Re: safe Hibernation

      cannon@... wrote:
      > I don't want to run a subject into the ground, but I spent 20 some
      > hours working with the suspend function this past weekend. I posted
      > this earlier in the week:

      Also a warning to any one else playing with this - I made the fatal
      mistake of getting the system to restore a hibernate partition that had
      been created a few weeks ago whilst playing with this, unsuccessfully,

      Bad move. The disk layout had changed significantly in 3 weeks, the
      hibernate routines restored the memory/system state to 3 weeks ago, the
      disk layout was of course now different and the system crashed and
      Ill now have to re-install linux on it, it messed up the file system
      (XFS) really badly.

      (This was a C600, but I think this applies in general)

      I think ill be putting the dos MBR back, installing lilo in /boot and
      letting the bios choose which partition to boot. I am assuming I can
      still boot win2k from lilo no matter what partition lilo hides in.

      Fortunatly I have nothing important on the machine. Be careful trying
      things with this....

      Matthew Geier matthew@...
      Arts IT Unit +61 2 9351 4713
      Sydney University

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      Message: 5
      Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 07:00:46 -0000
      From: cannon@...
      Subject: Re: idebus=xx,!!I INCREASED MY DRIVE SPEED!!

      I just found the following site:
      Went to one of the Inspiron 8000 entries and found this:
      Test the speed of your harddrive using the command 'hdparm -T -t
      /dev/hda'. When you get a speed lower then 5 MB/sec your drive is not
      using DMA. DMA makes the drive 2 to 3 times faster.

      Amod Dani wrote me telling that it is not necessary to recompile the
      kernel to get DMA working. The only thing you ! need to do is add the
      following line to one of your startup scripts, probably
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