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Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: Future processor upgrade

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  • jsc3@havoc.gtf.org
    ... Me either. I am guessing you will be able to upgrade later, but I can t confirm it. I have replaced laptop hard drives, memory, keyboard, but I have not
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 24, 2001
      > 1)Can't answer your procesor question.

      Me either. I am guessing you will be able to upgrade later,
      but I can't confirm it. I have replaced laptop hard drives,
      memory, keyboard, but I have not replaced a laptop processor

      > 2)I picked two options. (I don't use modems all ethernet)
      > a)56K+10/100 Mini-PCI modem THIS IS A WIN MODEM, (at least support
      > told me it was) (I don't care because I want just the internal PCI NIC
      > it uses the eepro100 driver)

      This card is good - it is the Actiontec card. I have one and it performs
      well as far as Ethernet. I haven't used the modem, but it is a Lucent
      WinModem and if you look for the ltmodem stuff, many have reported no
      problems turning this winmodem into a linmodem.

      If it was me, I would try to get this, as then you don't need the
      PCMCIA package in Linux to make this work, since it is PCI. THe
      only problem is nobody seems to be able to guarantee you will get
      the Actiontec instead of the 3Com alternative, and the 3Com alternative
      has a winmodem that nobody has been able to make work with Linux
      as far as I know.

      > b)Xircom 10/100 CradBus Ethernet II 10/100 (uses the tulip driver)

      This card had a bad reputation - the hardware design is bad (the basic
      tulip design is good, but this implementation is bad). These cards
      can be had for $40 or so if you try http://www.compgeeks.com or
      http://www.teamexcess.com - don't pay Dell $100 for it, if you really
      must have it. A better option is to get the Xircom Realport card
      which seems to be a better design - with the Xircom Cardbus Ethernet
      II, many have reported having to put it in promiscuous mode to get
      it to work at all, and this means your CPU will get an interrupt for
      every packet on your network and then have to decide what to do about
      it (and most of the time, the decision is "ignore it, it's not for us").
      On a busy network, that can really load up the CPU with pointless nonsense.

      Another alternative is to get a PCMCIA card from elsewhere, if the
      internal mini-PCI Actiontec or 3Com is just unacceptable for some
      reason. Besides CompGeeks and Team Excess (good deals on 3Com are often
      found here), you might try this one for genuine Intel:


      I have used this link before and I have been happy with the prices and
      the results.

      > 3)DVD is bootable. I have installed from it.

      I can confirm this.

      > Since I don't use modems I would have no idea if my so called win
      > modem was detected by the install. If you tell me how I can tell I
      > will gladly test it for you.

      The Lucent Winmodem in the Actiontec PCI adapter (the one with Intel
      eepro 82559 controller chip) will need drivers compiled before you
      can use it - search this newsgroup for "ltmodem", or use
      http://www.google.com to search for it.

      > One thing I learn from calling Dell support prior to purchase:
      > Latitude internal PCI NIC modem is of 3com non-winmodem design
      > Inspiron is "something I don't remember brand"

      My understanding is that the 3Com is a Winmodem design, and one that
      will not work with Windows. Further, you might get either the Actiontec
      (good, Intel Ethernet and Lucent WinModem) or 3Com (not as good, in
      my opinion) on Inspiron (don't know about Latitude), and you don't
      have any way of specifying which one you want or prefer.

      John Cronin
      mailto: `echo NjsOc3@... | sed 's/[NOSPAM]//g'`
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