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Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Dell Latitude C400

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  • Rickard Eriksson
    ... So I ve made progress! New version of i810_drv.o and most stuff seems to work with Xorg 7.1.1. I can now close my laptops lid while rendering 3d
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 7, 2006
      Rickard Eriksson wrote:
      > I now have tried it. I've tried compileing my own module - didn't work.
      > I tried degradeing the version of the module - didn't work. I waited for
      > a new version of the X server to come and tried it all again - didn't work.
      > Unfortunatly the computer now crashes soon as i do basicly anything.
      > Shutting the lid is a sure fire way. Some times when the screensaver
      > goes on it does a VBE error and that makes X hang. If X hangs it usually
      > doesn't start because the console behind has been pwned.
      > It's quite annoying :(
      > //Rickard Eriksson
      > uteck wrote:
      >> These are usually related to the 3d driver and suspend. Some 3d
      >> drivers do not play well with suspend. Therevarious workarounds,
      >> including not using the 3d driver if you don't have to. What may work
      >> depends on what card and X version you are running, but you can try
      >> using the non-3d version as a quick and easy way to test if this is
      >> the problem.
      >> On 9/19/06, *Rickard Eriksson* <rickard.eriksson@...
      >> <mailto:rickard.eriksson@...>> wrote:
      >> Hi, I recently got a Dell Latitude C400. Most stuff worked out of the
      >> box but I'm still having some problems with a few things. All
      >> problems I
      >> have are related to the graphics card.
      >> Problem 1)
      >> This is the most pressing problem as it's annoying as hell.
      >> Whenever I
      >> close my laptops lid it makes X either crash or hangs the entire
      >> computer. So far I've come to the conclusion that it's because
      >> some VBE
      >> call goes berserk. Any help or ideas on why is more than welcome.
      >> Problem 2)
      >> Also releated to the same thing. Before my distrubution went up a
      >> version in drivers it crashed with weird artifacts whenever i
      >> closed my
      >> lid and ran something 3d accelerated. This I haven't found
      >> anything about.
      >> Problem 3)
      >> Suspend 2 Ram does work, but when I try to pull it out of the suspend
      >> mode the monitor just goes black. Why?
      >> //Thanks in advance Rickard Eriksson
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      So I've made progress! New version of i810_drv.o and most stuff seems to
      work with Xorg 7.1.1. I can now close my laptops lid while rendering 3d
      accelerated stuff without lockups. Only thing that's left is that the
      screen goes blank from time to time when it's been idle for a while and
      all that comes back is the mouse pointer. Though as it no longer crashes
      when ctrl+alt+f1:ing to console it's sorts itself out when switching
      back into X

      //Rickard Eriksson
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