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Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: Problems with FC6 on Inspiron 8000

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  • Jim Diamond
    ... Great. ... Huh. Did you pay much? The last time I looked for memory for the I8K the price was ludicrous. ... Ummm... I hate those inherently meaningless
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 21, 2006
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      On Fri, Nov 17, 2006 at 12:05 (-0600), Cris Rhea wrote:

      >> Posted by: "Jim Diamond" zsd@... ndolam
      >> Date: Thu Nov 16, 2006 12:07 pm ((PST))

      >> Cris,

      >> for what it's worth

      >> (1) I've had many versions of Slackware easily installed onto my (now
      >> venerable) I8000, so it is certainly possible to run Linux
      >> I used to have 128, but I found a free 64MB memory chip lying
      >> around, so I am now at the lofty 192MB level. But it ran fine
      >> (with X windows) with 128MB, so that shouldn't be an issue, unless
      >> the FC6 installer itself is remarkably bloated.

      >> (2) "...high praise I've seen for FC6 on the Fedora forums"
      >> I'll bet if you go to some M$ forums you'll see people there
      >> singing praises to M$. And many people think that is rather
      >> absurd :-)

      >> If you are not tied to FC, you might try another distro.

      >> Sorry I can't offer any concrete advice, I've never used any Red Hat
      >> anything.

      >> If you have a non-FC6 question about the I8K post it back and maybe I
      >> can help.

      >> Jim

      > Thanks Jim-

      > I've made some progress...

      > I think your first comment about a bloated installer was right on.
      > I upgraded the memory to 152MB
      Huh. Did you pay much? The last time I looked for memory for the I8K
      the price was ludicrous.

      > and it installed (in text mode) just fine. The graphical install
      > still fails because the X11 config is not guessed correctly (I have
      > the SVGA+ screen, not the UXGA [yet!]).
      Ummm... I hate those inherently meaningless acronyms and have decided
      to stop wasting neurons on them. I have a 1400x1050 screen in mine.
      If that is what you have, and an ATI card, let me know and I can send
      you my xorg.conf file.

      > I was also fighting with a flakey DVD drive-- so I was installing
      > via CDROMs. Again, this should have worked, so I think there's some
      > gremlins in FC6 where it needs to change the mounted CDROM (the
      > installer seems to go OTL, but the system is still responsive).

      > I still have yet to get the correct config for X11-- the r128 driver
      > does not work correctly (which is what is detected at install time),
      > but "vesa" works OK.
      I am using
      Driver "ati"
      only to keep it from re-loading the r128 driver if I otherwise say
      Driver "r128"

      > As for other dirstros, I have also had good luck with Slackware, but
      > haven't played with it for a while. I use RedHat/CentOS on my
      > servers, so FC is a good indication of what is coming and gives all
      > the latest "toys" for desktop use.
      Makes sense.

      > Actually, in the FC forums, the people are pretty honest about the
      > quality of a release. FC5 had all sorts of issues upon initial
      > release and loads of people complained about the lack of
      > quality/testing. As you comment, there will always be the cheering
      > section, but I tend to weed out those posts... Based on my
      > experience with FC6 so far, I don't think they tested the edges (low
      > memory, text install) too well.
      Yup, they might all have newer laptops!
      > With a new DVD drive and 512MB RAM, the install worked on the second
      > try (doing text mode rather than graphic mode).
      Well, that's good progress.

      > I inherited this I8000 with some hardware issues, so I'm having a
      > good time getting it into shape. Even a laptop that is several
      > years old gives great performance running Linux compared to M$, so I
      > have no problem putting some $$$ into it to fix stuff.
      I think with 512 MB you'll be laughing, given that with 192 I'm doing
      OK. (Admittedly, with my other laptop having a dual core at 1.G6Hz,
      the old P3-700 feels a little sluggish some times.)

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