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Re: [linux-dell-laptops] D610 LCD dying?

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  • John Morrissey
    ... [snip] ... [snip] ... It s been a long time (over a year!), but I thought I d follow up in case this information is useful to anyone. Earlier this year, I
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 13, 2006
      On Thu, Sep 01, 2005 at 08:21:47PM -0400, John Morrissey wrote:
      > My company recently bought a batch of D610s with the ATI Mobility Radeon
      > X300 chipset. They seem to run Linux fairly well, but I'm having an
      > interesting problem with X.
      > One morning, I powered it on and the internal LCD was dead - no display
      > whatsoever, not even a flicker. The external LCD was fine, and would
      > display the BIOS POST output instead of the internal display. When I tried
      > to start X, the internal LCD would turn grey and would gradually "melt"
      > into different patterned colors, somewhat like a screen saver or a VGA
      > connection with a lot of interference.
      > I called Dell support. They had me re-seat the LCD cable, which didn't help.
      > I also re-ran the diagnostics with the external LCD disconnected. There was
      > a beep code corresponding to the internal LCD. They swore that nothing I
      > could have done with the X configuration would cause this behavior and
      > dispatched a Unisys tech to replace the display and mainboard.

      It's been a long time (over a year!), but I thought I'd follow up in case
      this information is useful to anyone.

      Earlier this year, I found this thread:


      on the Dell forums that details similar experiences. I added to it back in
      June, and followed up again today:

      For what it's worth, I've been running Ubuntu (dapper and edgy) for several
      weeks now with X.org (xorg-driver-fglrx 7.0.0-8.25.18+ under
      dapper, 7.1.0-8.28.8+ under edgy) in dual-head mode with no
      problems. This is on the same D610 that had the display replaced after
      running a previous version of the fglrx driver. Perhaps this was a
      bug/hardware incompatibility in the fglrx driver?

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