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Re: [linux-dell-laptops] The best way to partition

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  • E.M.Gardner
    ... the 47 mb partition is for the dell diagnostic utilities ... if your system is still under warranty then I would suggest to leave it, they will be looking
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 6, 2006
      Nathan Gaylinn wrote:

      I just got a brand new Dell Latitude 620, complete with a fresh
      installation with Windows installed, configured, and ready to go.

      Its current partition layout (according to Windows) is:

      EISA Configuration Partition - the first 47 MB
      Windows XP NTFS Partition (C:) - the rest of the 8 GB hard drive.

      I would like to install Linux, dual boot, and support suspend to HD
      (which apparently requires its own partition?), preferably without
      reinstalling Windows.

      This is something I'm familiar with on desktops, but I've never done
      it on a laptop. First of all, does anyone know what that EISA
      Configuration Partition is? Do I really not want to get rid of it? I
      read somewhere that suspend to HD works best when the suspend
      partition is the first partition on the disk, but something tells me
      this special partition ONLY works if it's the first partition on the disk.

      So, do I want to just shrink the windows partition and install Linux
      in the leftover space? If so, where should I install the boot loader
      so that it will play along with that EISA partition? Where should I
      put my suspend to HD partition, if I really need one?

      Would I be better off just wiping the hard drive clean and starting
      over? If so, what about that EISA partition? Does it matter? Will
      deleting it suck for me? Void my Dell warantee? If I really should put
      my suspend to HD partition first, will that make Windows harder to
      install, since it usually insists on having the first partition as C?
      Also, is the Dell Windows install disk a normal Windows install disk
      branded with the Dell logo, or is it meant only to restore the Windows
      setup that came on the laptop (ie, will it like a different partition

      Lots of questions, I know, but I want to be sure I know what I'm doing
      before I destroy a perfectly nice clean Windows install (a relatively
      hard thing to come by ;) ).


      -- Nate

      the 47 mb partition is for the dell diagnostic utilities ... if your system is still under warranty then I would suggest to leave it, they will be looking for it if you have to call tech support ... most distro's have partition utils that can shrink your windows and free up space to install linux on ... for suspend I would suggest a swap that is 2x your ram and also set /home to its own partition so that if/when you upgrade/re-install you won't loose all your data. Install grub (bootloader) to the mbr and it will automagically set up booting your windows install and the 47mb too .... I've been runnin linux for 15 months now ... but seeing that my i8600 is no longer under warranty I deleted dells utils and also gave up on windows due to it constantly reaching into my wallet for more and more $$$$$

      In a world without walls or fences ... who needs Windows or Gates ??
      Registered Linux User #403007
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