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Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Can't Eject CD

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  • Herman
    Try: umount -l /mnt/cdrom eject
    Message 1 of 10 , Mar 18, 2006
      umount -l /mnt/cdrom

      James Cloos wrote:

      >Benjamin> I can't eject my CD. Pushing on the button just makes the
      >Benjamin> drive light blink a few times. It doesn't matter if there is
      >Benjamin> a CD in the drive or not. I don't think this is a Linux
      >Benjamin> specific issue, since it doesn't work even when sitting at
      >Benjamin> the GRUB prompt. If anyone has any ideas....
      >I had that happen with the drive that came with my i8100.
      >Eventually it got worse: the drive stopped showing up in the ide bus.
      >It is bad hardware. If yours is still under warranty I'd suggest
      >contacting Dell and requesting a replacement drive.
      >I don't know whether they will. I didn't think to try until mine
      >failed completely. And that was a couple of days after the 3 year
      >warranty ended....
      >FWIW, the problem escalated after sessions of burning CDs.
      >Mostly with cdrdao.
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