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  • simon bailor
    thanks for writing back but already have a computer just bought it so thanks anyway. dgholmes59 wrote:I use a Dell Latitude, 400
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 18, 2005
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      thanks for writing back but already have a computer just bought it so thanks anyway.

      dgholmes59 <dgholmes59@...> wrote:
      I use a Dell Latitude, 400 mhz, 256 mb memory, 20 gb harddrive, 1 usb,
      2 pcmcia slots.  I would recommend that you have at least 256 mb of
      ram to run x-windows.  I don't necessarily say you need a wifi, but
      what is the use of having a laptop if you can't be wireless, huh?

      I have tried most of the popular linux distributions (mandriva,
      fedora, ubuntu, slackware, etc.) and Suse 9.2 has been the most
      compatible with my laptop and the easiest to setup.  I have tried 9.3
      and 10, but I really need more power to run these, so I stuck with
      9.2.  Suse is similar to Windows 2000 or XP, so it makes it very easy
      for most computer users.  It has a gui setup application called YAST
      that can setup most everything without editing files on the command

      You can access the internet with a lan card or wireless.  Lan is no
      problem, but wireless is a problem with linux.  If you get a wireless
      card that is COMPATIBLE with linux, there is no problem getting it
      setup.  If you buy a cheap one like I did, netgear ma521, a program
      called "ndiswrapper" must be used.  This program wraps the Windows
      driver so it can be used with linux.  This can be difficult at first,
      but there are many articles on setting it up.

      For surfing the internet, very little hardware is required.  I started
      with a Compaq laptop with less power than this Dell.  It worked, but
      it was just too slow and did not have enough ram (128 mb).  I
      recommend that you buy at least what I am running now or better.  If
      you can, go with better.


      --- In linux-dell-laptops@yahoogroups.com, "ray saur"
      <rsaur50246@a...> wrote:
      > wanting to buy a simple dell laptop computer to access internet.what
      > i need other than wifi.
      > thanks
      > ray

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