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Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Two network cards?

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  • Chris Fox
    ... Hash: SHA1 ... do you ... NICs. ... sharing the ... It s probably easier to get it working in Windows, but not much, and Windows won t give you the
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 6, 2005
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      Haedn Thorn wrote:

      | --- Herman <herman@...> wrote:
      | > kerphi3012 wrote:
      | > > Re: my question about internet connection sharing, what exactly
      do you
      | > > mean by two NIC cards? I have an ethernet card and a wireless card
      | > > (and also a modem). Does this count as two cards? Thanks again, OA
      | >
      | > Yes, that will count as two network interfaces.
      | >
      | > However, you would have more luck using the Linux box as the router and
      | > placing the Windo[ws] PC behind it, instead of the other way around.
      | As much as I prefer to see Linux ahead of Windows, I think it is easier
      | to set
      | up Windows ICS. I think it tries to do it automatically if you have 2
      | Also, the second NIC needs to be present in the system which is
      sharing the
      | connection, not the one that will be the client.

      It's probably easier to get it working in Windows, but not much, and
      Windows won't give you the versatility that shorewall will give you.

      If you're running Mandrake then there is a "wizard" for connection
      sharing and it really couldn't get any easier than that. When I was
      only a few weeks into Linux and still helpless as a kitten I was able to
      get connection sharing working in my whole house using Mandrake 8.1.

      Windows as a general rule sacrifices versatility for ease of use, though
      I would argue that "ease of use" is inverted to someone who knows what
      he's doing.

      As long as you keep your patches up to date there's no real reason not
      to have a Windows gateway .. but I'm a little twice-shy about it since I
      put an unpatched Win2K machine online.

      Still, Linux is a lot more fun for networking.

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