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Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: problem in reloading grub

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  • Jim Diamond
    ... My condolences. Jim
    Message 1 of 9 , Jun 4, 2005
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      On Sat, Jun 4, 2005 at 09:30 (-0700), Haedn Thorn wrote:

      > --- Jim Diamond <zsd@...> wrote:
      >> I was dual-booting Slackware and XP (actually, tri-booting Slackware,
      >> Xandros and XP), and had no problem telling lilo to use the MBR. XP
      >> didn't seem to care.

      >> What is your problem with XP and lilo using the MBR?

      >> Having said this, I eventually tossed XP so I would have some extra
      >> (useful) disk space, but the time or three I booted into XP everything
      >> seemed OK. Of course, maybe I just didn't notice that XP was crying :-)

      > Actually .. I've never tried. I was going off the data from NT4. I
      > know in the past, I've seen Windows crap on itself too many times,
      > so I do what I can to prevent it. I still have to use Windows

      My condolences.

    • Stephen Lau
      Which partition do you have set as the active partition? (use fdisk) cheers, steve
      Message 2 of 9 , Jun 4, 2005
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        Which partition do you have set as the active partition?
        (use fdisk)


        vitalmarks wrote:

        >I ve installed linux enterprize edition on my PC after installtion it
        >become unable to load grub(boot loader) although same linux i ve
        >installed on my laptop n its working.
        >well when i reload the grub by the following ways
        >Boot from linux CD
        >then type "linux rescue"
        >then i type "grub"
        >after that in the "grub prompt" i type the folloing command
        > root (hd1,7)
        > setup(hd0)
        >after that messages come "successfully load the grub"
        >but when i restart the system it was not loading.
        >pls solve this problem i m in trouble.
        >Please post your X config files in the group links or database
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