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Re: TrueMobile card on a Inspiron 5150

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  • darkone1963
    ... signal ... new one. ... might be ... and the ... work since ... are out ... fine in the ... AIM:GfmNet Does the card work in XP?? If so and its just linux,
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 25, 2005
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      --- In linux-dell-laptops@yahoogroups.com, "Gregory F. March"
      <march@g...> wrote:
      > Hi all...
      > My TrueMobile 1300 card stopped working on my 5150. I couldn't get a
      > from either linux or xp. So... since they are only $50, I ordered a
      new one.
      > The new one is a 1350.
      > Turns out I can't get the new one to work either. Any ideas on what
      might be
      > wrong? It appears that the two antenna connectors are on properly,
      and the
      > card is seated fine.
      > linux and xp can see the card (although the linuxant license won't
      work since
      > it has a different mac address), and when I try to see what networks
      are out
      > there, none are displayed (from xp). My linksys pcmcia card works
      fine in the
      > same location.
      > Thanks...
      > /greg
      > --
      > Gregory F. March | http://www.gfm.net:443/~march |

      Does the card work in XP?? If so and its just linux, instead of using
      the linuxant driver try ndiswrapper .. My 1350 in my 8600 works
      excellent using that
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