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  • Paul Gratz
    Come on now this is really not helping. let it go. Paul ... -- Paul Gratz
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 25, 2005
      Come on now this is really not helping. let it go.

      On Fri, 2005-03-25 at 10:10 -0800, Chris Fox wrote:
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      > Irlandes wrote:
      > Foreword to the list: I am not going to engage in a flame war and this
      > will be my only response to this meandering missive of bitter rage. I
      > joined this list to talk about Linux on laptops, not to get into yet
      > another round of this most tiresome and pointless non-controversy.
      > | The reason I am using Linux on my laptop is because XP Home was freezing
      > | solid an average of six times a day. Linux does not freeze six times a
      > | day, period. In fact, after I switched to Linux, it was months before my
      > | first lock-up and that was an application, the kernel did not die, all
      > | my other work in progress was safe - unlike most freeze-ups in XP.
      > And that is what we call an "anecdote." That's the singular. The
      > plural is "anecdotes," not "evidence," much less "proof."
      > A counter-anecdote: I've run Windows XP since it came out and never had
      > it freeze up on me, not once, not ever. Period. And for a while I ran
      > in on a sub-spec box, 75% of minimum RAM.
      > Illumination: Every time I have seen an unstable XP box and had and
      > opportunity to work on it I have found that without exception repeat
      > without exception o/~ I'll say it again o/~ WITHOUT EXCEPTION the
      > machine was running some idiotic anti-virus program like Norton or
      > somethning that inserted its badly-written and intrusive self into every
      > disk read and write, every memory access, everything, slowing the
      > machine to a crawl and locked it up. Remove, delete, remove from the
      > Run list, WHAM, stable machine.
      > Of course if you were willing to, you know, LOOK at a problem and try to
      > SOLVE IT then you might have had a better experience .. but that
      > wouldn't give opportunities to express all this rancid bitterness, would it.
      > Microsoft used to insist people learn to use their products; with later
      > releases like W95 they shunned all that, stopped including manuals,
      > started reassuring people with "just click," and instead of training
      > people to operate email securely OEMs had rotten A/V software
      > pre-installed and bundled. No books, no online help, we'll wipe your
      > ass for you, just click. Here's your AOL install CD!!
      > Your approach, "throw up hands in despair," isn't what I expect from the
      > RTFM Linux crowd. Maybe you should stick with Windows.
      > | I am more than capable of writing a major piece on lots of other reasons
      > | Windows is inferior, and so could many other participants on this list.
      > And I would expect a rambling stream of anedotes, most or all of which
      > would turn out to be wild exaggerations if not whole inventions and
      > propagations of urban legends. Been there before, no thanks.
      > | I would suggest, based on your lengthy and inflammatory remarks, in
      > | response to one word that you didn't like, that your only real choice
      > | is to avoid ALL Linux mail lists and forums. People who use Linux very
      > | often have indeed had really bad experiences with Windows, and Linux
      > | forums are certainly the correct place to express those bad experiences.
      > I should send you a proper response to this invitation; I will print
      > your words on some fine laserjet foolscap, roll them into a thin tube
      > fastened with hypoallergenic medical adhesive, and include a small
      > bottle of petroleum jelly for easy insertion.
      > I'll join any lists I want. Deal.
      > | With your negative, hostile, and angry attitude, I can certainly
      > | understand why you might feel unwelcome on Linux forums. I can't think
      > | of any Linux forum anywhere where you will be treated nicely when you
      > | call people liars and revolting cultists for stating their personal
      > | experiences with Windows, not to mention escalating by more than 12,000
      > | percent one word that offended you.
      > Everything is archived, I'll let others judge relative inflammatory
      > tone. (*chuckle*).
      > Anyway, you are a fanatic, and like all fanatics entirely incapable of
      > any objectivity anywhere near the topic of your fanaticism. WindowsXP
      > has a great desktop and it would be hard for me to not use it at all;
      > for my work I have no choice and in fact I have to run Longhorn now to
      > do my work .. on the other hand I would cringe at the notion of running
      > my home network on Windows, no way. There is a place for both OSs in my
      > home, I'm on Windows now and could be on Linux or BSD in ten minutes.
      > Whoop!
      > If you want to wring handkerchiefs about how Microsoft is destroying
      > your life there are plenty of forums dedicated to it. Note the title of
      > this one.
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