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Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: Install Redhat/Fedora on Latitude D500

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  • Jim Diamond
    ... Paul, I think you being too harsh about your advice. Michelle s advice about not trusting PM with your life is good, but her way is not very efficient. I
    Message 1 of 11 , Jan 29, 2005
      On Sat, Jan 29, 2005 at 18:03 (-0500), Paul E. Adamson wrote:

      > I agree 100%. This is really the best plan of attack. I guess I never
      > really cared about my windows partitions that much and partition magic
      > was a handy tool to use really quickly. I was also experienced enough
      > to deal with the occasional boot sector problem and I've always had my
      > important files constantly backed up on network shares. I stand
      > corrected! I didn't really think through the possible problems that one
      > could face with pm--I'll be more careful when dolling out advice in the
      > future.


      I think you being too harsh about your advice. Michelle's advice
      about not trusting PM with your life is good, but her way is not very
      efficient. I can shrink a 'doze partition in a couple of minutes with
      PM, and then I'm off to the races. If it clobbers the 'doze
      partition, then (and only then) re-install, restore your files,
      re-lilo (or re-grub) if necessary, and go from there. But if PM works
      correctly, you've saved a lot of time.

      (Now, maybe if you actually use your 'doze frequently, it needs to be
      re-installed anyway, so that's a different puppy.)

      While being careful about doling out advice is good, having these
      sorts of discussions is also educational. (For example, while I am
      not surprised that PM doesn't work 100% of the time, I've never had
      anyone tell me it clobbered their system before, so Michelle's
      comments are educational.)



      > On Sat, 2005-01-29 at 18:49 +0000, Michelle L. Gill wrote:

      >> Just a small note of warning:

      >> The BEST way, in my opinion, is to back up your files, then
      >> reinstall Windows and create your partions before you start the
      >> install. My husband fixed computers for 15 years before starting in
      >> the IT industry and refers the Partion Magic as "Partition Tragic",
      >> in light of the amount of messes he's had to fix because of that
      >> program.

      >> If it works for you fine, but there is a lot of room for things to
      >> go really wrong. If you've already backed up your data and email
      >> (which is by far the most difficult part in my opinion), why not
      >> take the little extra effort to do it the right way? Reinstalling
      >> Windows is a piece of cake and requires only minimal user input.

      >> I have setup numerous laptops this way and never had problems. Just
      >> my two cents though.

      >> --- In linux-dell-laptops@yahoogroups.com, "Paul E. Adamson"
      >> <padamson@m...> wrote:
      >>> If you want to feel safer about the process of creating a linux
      >>> partition on a pre-existing windows-only hard drive, you might
      >>> want to invest in Partition Magic. It's a great tool (for
      >>> Windows) and has never let me down. Of course, once you create
      >>> your linux partition, you may never need your windows partition
      >>> again. For the past four years, the only time I booted into
      >>> windows was to either a) play a game or b) convert more of my
      >>> windows partition to my linux partition with Partition Magic. As
      >>> of last week I no longer have a windows partition. There may even
      >>> be open source software out now that can do what Partition Magic
      >>> does. I haven't checked for a couple of years now.
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