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Re: x video problem with i815e

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  • moon2js
    ... be ... I ve been googling all along, and often I find no mention of a video problem, presumably because no one ever tries to watch video files on this
    Message 1 of 9 , Dec 1, 2004
      --- In linux-dell-laptops@yahoogroups.com, ken <gebser@s...> wrote:
      > Have you googled around for your specific video card? There must
      > someone else on the planet who has been trying to run Linux on it.

      I've been googling all along, and often I find no mention of a video
      problem, presumably because no one ever tries to watch video files on
      this system or I did something wrong in installation.

      However just today, my googling got a little better and I've found a
      number of (ancient) references on mailing lists to my problem.
      Unfortunately my video card historically has a number of problems with
      x, and I'm only experiencing ONE of them, so I'm currently in the
      process of wading through all these google hits, and tracking down the
      ones that apply to me and futhermore, if they've been solved in the
      past year or two.

      But I do see some mention of using x11 instead of xv as video out as a
      workaround, and I did this in the past, and it does indeed work if a
      little bit choppy at times. I'm wondering, what's the difference
      performance-wise between playing video in x11 versus xv on this older
      Dell laptop with motherboard integrated sound and video controllers?

      Is there any advantage to using xv over x11? And if there isn't one,
      does anyone know how to change the video out to x11 in xine/totem?

      > I think that way quite a bit... dismiss a course of action because
      > seems impossibly easy. So I understand perfectly what you're going
      > through. So how about we do this...
      > Edit /etc/initab, specifically the line which says
      > change the '5' to a '3'. This will make your system boot to the
      > rather than into X. (Of course to get it to boot back into X,
      > this change.) But then while you're still in X, try "xvidtune".
      If it
      > messes things up, you can do a nice reboot ("man shutdown") into
      > console (no X), still use your system, albeit without the GUI, and
      > reinstall X. If the drive for difficulty is really strong, you
      > even do the reinstall from source code. As said previously, I
      > used gentoo (though have done a bit of Debian), so couldn't assist
      > with the reinstall.

      I'm using Ubuntu, not Gentoo, but they're both Debian-based. I think
      Ubuntu is more like a more user-friendly Debian.

      I've always wondered about laptop LCDs. I know they are physically
      different from CRTs and mechanically work differently, but how do they
      differ in regards to X setup and config? I have never seen any
      documentation mentioning LCDs or how they should be setup. Most
      documentation assumes I have a CRT.

      And is there any danger of damaging my laptop's LCD with a bad config
      (as all documentation warns)?
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